Research & Development

First and foremost, ZOD Audio is an outlet for Dan Deurloo to develop gear that he personally needs or wants to use. Because of this, there are a lot of random things in development at any given time. Some will never be anything more then an idea or disaster of a proto pcb laying around the studio. Other things will become a full fledge product over time and testing like the ID DI.

Products that get released make sense to be a product. There is a reason and a space for that kind of product in the market, and enough people have confirmed this by asking for the product after they have heard it in his studio or other producers/engineer friends demanding that we make and sell you one (you know who you are). Also, the product is actually something that can be made to a high standard at scaled up quantities while remaining reasonably priced, making the product worth it for everyone.

Other designs are fantastic and get used a lot by Dan but don’t really make sense to be brought out as a full scale product.  Usually this is because the ability to scale and make them affordable at the same time isn’t really possible for such a small crew…usually 1-2 people.  Sometimes that is because of difficulty securing the quantity/quality of parts needed and other times because they are very labor intensive.  However, there sometimes is a middle ground.

ZOD AUDIO – Research and Development:

Part of being a small crew means we can do what we want and sometimes that is limited runs of gear that have been developed / tested and we think they need to be shared with others.  These are not custom builds as much as they are builds we wish could be a normal product but are limited due to parts, time or any other number of reasons.

Availability will be different for each of these products depending on different limitations. So if you see something you like grab them while you can.