Instinctual, Untamed Tone –
the opposite of your average DI.

The ID DI is a result of countless hours of working to simplify the process of getting great bass tone.  Freq response, feel of the ID DI under the bass players fingers and tone had all been a major focus of the overall design and beta testing.  The end result is a tube di that is not like your average di.  It has become a secret weapon of a number of high level studio engineers, producers and players.

Even though the main focus of the di design was focused towards bass guitar users have found it to be amazing with synths, loops, and electric guitars.

Since the ID DI has such a desirable tone, a number of users have found that running line level mixes and tracks back through the ID DI for its tone to be very beneficial.  The line level signal comes out hot but with the full range of the output attenuator you can easily dial it back to a good working level.

The ID DI has a max gain of 26db which is a nice gain range for a number of applications but not enough to be a stand alone preamp without the help of an additional gain source.  When used in conjunction with another gain source the ID DI’s make a wonderful color box for passive summing units or as a preamp.  Users can then get the tone and color of the ID DI while using any number of different dynamic,  ribbon and tube mics with the help of a secondary device like a Cloudlifter,  Mogain or similar units designed for additional clean make up gain.

Input:  .5 meg, 1/4 unbalanced and XLR unbalanced input
Thru:  Mult of the input signal.  May be connected to an amplifier / tuner or another signal path
Max Gain: 26db
Outputs: The pot is a full range output attenuator.  Custom output transformer for balanced output.
Tube: 6N1P
Custom Steel chassis
Hand wired construction
Extremely low noise
Handmade in the U.S.A.
Voltage:  115v or 230v
Dimensions: 12.75″ x 6.125″ x 4.25″
Weight: 10.5 lbs

What does the different color ON/OFF light mean:
Amber colored lights are for 115VAC mains power units.
Green colored lights are for 230VAC mains power units.

NOTE:  IEC Power cables can be supplied along with purchase, please just ask for one to be included.